Tripod for Lightbox and Tracker

  • Light
  • Collapsible
  • Stable

Tripods rent with up to 2 meters height

Rent tripods and, for example, cameras, or trackers to harass.

You should also rent tripods when you rent VR goggles

The simple black design makes the tripods look elegant and high-quality. The stepless adjustment always provides the ideal adjustment options to the height you need.

Easy to fold

Due to very compact dimensions and a low weight, the tripods are particularly suitable for transport. The tripods can be extended to a height of 2 meters and have adjustable high mounts.

So you can easily set up your stand anywhere and therefore always remain mobile.

Fits HTC Vive, Oculus Rift to make your virtual reality experience more immersive, or simply for lighting. In general, the tripods are versatile.

There are also other ways to attach the trackers to build your studio.

For this purpose, we offer special clamp and screw fasteners in our store. Choose the solution that best fits your application.

With the tripods, your booth will always have a professional look.

Alternative products

We offer the right VR accessories for every application. This will make your setup as professional and successful as possible.


You do not know yet which tripod fits best to your purpose, or you want to rent tripods?

Then just ask us and together we will discuss the best solution!

Send us an email, or simply call us at +49 9323 93 87 100, we will be happy to advise you.

You can rent any item from one day.

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