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Samsung Galaxy Tab Rent

Large selection of Samsung tablets

Simply rent the Samsung Galaxy Tab in various sizes and generations. When you rent a tablet from us, you are sure to find something to suit your needs. Of course, we also offer the latest Galaxy Tabs with a top display and high-quality camera. You will definitely make a professional impression on your customers and partners. In addition, each model is available in large quantities. Perfectly suited for a trade fair appearance or an event. If you rent a Galaxy Tab, get-IT-easy is the right partner.

We also offer you an overview of all tablets in our category.

High-quality hardware with expandable memory

The Android tablets from Samsung make a high-quality impression across the board, with newer models in particular looking especially stylish with their thin frame. Whether 7 inch, 9.7 inch or 14 inch: All Galaxy Tabs from Samsung impress with their professional look and feel. On request, we can supply matching accessories such as various stands. You can rent a Galaxy Tab and display it with a floor or table stand, for example, to play video content.

To ensure that you always have enough storage space for your content, it is very useful that the storage space of the tablets can be easily expanded. Whether 32 GB, 64 GB or more: storage space is no longer a problem with these tablets.

High-resolution displays and plenty of RAM

Of course, the screens of the Galaxy Tabs vary from model to model, but Samsung generally tends to install high-quality displays in its tablets. The rule of thumb is: The newer the Android device, the better the display. When you rent a Galaxy Tab, you get a tablet with good pixel density and vibrant, true-to-life colors. Thanks to a suitably sized working memory, every tablet responds quickly to your gestures and can be operated smoothly. With a suitable keyboard, new generations such as the Galaxy Tab A7 can also be used as a laptop replacement. They can also use a Samsung S Pen to draw on the tablet and do graphic work or image editing.

All Galaxy Tabs are also available with LTE

The Samsung Galaxy devices are available with 4G / LTE or pure WLAN. If you only want to use the device in the office, the WiFi version is sufficient. However, if you want to use the tablet with all its features on the move, you should rent SIM cards for it. We also have mobile routers in our range. This means you can go online with a large number of tablets at the same time while on the move. We will be happy to configure the tablets for you in advance, according to your wishes. If you don't like the Samsung tablets, you can also rent a Microsoft Surface or an iPad. Rent a Galaxy Tab now.

Delivery and advice

We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right products for your requirements. Simply contact us without obligation via the enquiry form or by telephone on +49 9323 938 71 00. If you would like to rent a Samsung Galaxy Tab, we can offer you matching tablet accessories. The delivery of the rented goods takes place via overnight express shipping, so that your products always arrive at your office on time and you can start your projects. Furthermore, every order is shipped in environmentally friendly reusable boxes. The boxes are well padded and secured with locks so that the products arrive undamaged. At the end of the rental period, we will have everything collected from you again. This service allows you to concentrate completely on your work and the return shipment is completely relaxed. get-IT-easy is your reliable and competent partner in renting. This keeps you flexible and up to date at all times. Rent a Galaxy Tab now.