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Anti-theft device rent

Suitable for a wide range of devices

We offer a wide range of anti-theft devices. Whether tablet or smartphone, you can have any device backed up. On the one hand, there are stands that completely enclose your hardware with a metal frame and thus protect it, or pure anti-theft devices. There are keys for all fuses to lock the accessories. This protects the stand or the anti-theft device from unauthorised access. With our anti-theft devices, your hardware is protected at every trade fair and is displayed impressively at the same time. We have a large selection of protectors especially for our tablet range. For example, there are table mounts and wall mounts. Bouncepads or other stands. If you would like to rent an anti-theft device, have questions about a product or our service, please feel free to contact us. Get your non-binding offer now. We are sure to find the right accessories for your projects.