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Router rental - The get-IT-easy router rental for your event

Rent a router and benefit from our fast LTE routers. We have new WLAN routers with the latest function on offer. Whether for an event or your office, our routers always deliver a fast Internet connection. Get-IT-easy supplies you with high quality accessories.

Rent a router and be online flexibly at any time, regardless of time and place

Perfect for large events or trade shows - now rent multiple routers instead of buying:

Do you need to provide WLAN to a large hall for many people or customers? Then our LTE routers are just right for you! Instead of an expensive purchase of the many routers, you can conveniently and easily rent larger quantities of routers for your events at get-IT-easy, and not only for one month. We are also happy to offer you the suitable long-term rental, so that you can rent your routers for several months, 1 year or even longer. In the process, you also save money every time compared to buying.

Router with cable for a stationary network | Huawei, AVM Fritzbox, TP-Link and many more.

We have cable routers for WLAN and cable networks on offer. We have cable routers for WLAN and cable networks in our offer. If desired, this can be a FritzBox router 7490, 7530, 7590 model or a TP Link, for example. Especially at trade shows or other events, routers are always needed to present the best possible content to your audience or customers. Especially at events, it often happens that the network is overloaded because there are so many people in one place. Make sure to be online at all times by installing your own router with DSL connection and claiming the network from your own individual provider. But you can also rent a wired router that does not rely on DSL, and is therefore on the 4G LTE mobile network via a SIM card, for example. When you rent a router, you are always online with your hardware, such as a computer or laptop, whether with LAN or WLAN.

Get maximum mobility with a wireless router | No DSL, no contract stress, flexible costs

For mobile use, you can rent battery-powered routers from us, for example. These always have a SIM card slot. These wireless routers are great when you need a strong Internet connection on the go. Such routers are not available from big brands like AVM Fritz or Fritzbox, and are the opposite of stationary DSL routers. Our battery router can power multiple devices with internet for up to 10 hours. So you stay mobile at all times, even when you are on the road. Since these routers also work smart on the software side, they can supply up to 64 end devices with Internet simultaneously and manage to achieve the perfect ratio of speed and battery consumption. Users can surf at a maximum of 300 Mbit/s with these routers. Of course, we also rent out the matching SIM cards with data volume for a four-week term in each case. The SIM cards can be booked for as little as one GB of data volume and can be expanded in 1 GB increments. Thus, you always have the option to determine yourself which data volume is sufficient for you. Rent the right router now. Suitable scenarios for a battery router would be roadshows, VR events or school trips where WLAN is required. With a battery performance of up to 10 hours, you should also easily get through a workday.

Sim cards for wireless routers and mobile devices

To connect a wireless router or mobile device to the Internet, a SIM card is required. We have various providers such as Vodafone and T-Mobile (Telekom) in our rental program. Thanks to roaming regulations, the SIM cards can be used throughout Europe and, with certain configuration, also in non-Euro countries and always offer D-network quality. So you surf with LTE and in certain areas of Germany even with 5G. We offer you the possibility to use hundreds of SIM cards at the same time. The cards are then already activated and ready for immediate use compared to usual purchased SIM cards. You don't have to worry about anything and your employees are online as soon as the devices are switched on, because the SIM cards have already been inserted into the devices. So you don't have to worry about a contract, tariffs or costs per month, you are free from administrative stress and just have to tell us your requirements - we will do the rest for you. Upon request, for larger quantities, we will provide you with the respective phone numbers in advance so that you can conveniently plan your project. In short, we offer you simply everything you need for centralized supply of mobile devices when renting SIM cards or routers. You need the right mobile phone for the sim card? No problem, we also rent numerous smartphone models. To ensure that your projects are a complete success. Just ask us without obligation and we will be happy to advise you on the selection of accessories and estimation of the required volumes.

What ports do the routers have? Top connectivity and flexibility

If you want to rent a router, it is important to know in advance what connections the corresponding device provides. However, the number and type of ports may vary depending on the router type and model. Our customers have the choice between wireless mobile routers, and wired stationary routers. It should be noted, for example, that the mobile routers are usually much smaller than the stationary ones, and therefore lack the space for most connections, such as various LAN ports.

Consulting, full service and express delivery

You want to rent or lease a router now? Use our service and submit your rental request to us now to find out the rental price of the hardware depending on the rental period and details on shipping and payment. If you would prefer to lease a device instead of renting it, we are sure to find a suitable offer or contract for leasing, possibly also with a hire purchase, where you pay part of the price during the rental period. Shipping is carried out within Germany and abroad by overnight express shipment and in environmentally friendly reusable boxes, so that you receive your order as quickly as possible, climate neutral and friendly to the environment. As a result, the goods will reach you quickly and you can start using the router rental. So you can start with your projects on time for the rent At the end of the rental period, we take over and organise the collection of the equipment for you. We arrange the rental period and shipping as flexibly as possible for you. We rent out all our equipment from the minimum rental period of 1 day. You can rent all our equipment on request for 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, etc. or up to several months. We will arrange a pick-up time with you beforehand to ensure that the units are ready for collection every time. Questions about the provider? Telekom or Vodafone, AVM Fritz Box or Huawei, which contract hides which costs and best which router to rent? Price per month and how many months can I rent? Are you a customer of ours or do you have any questions about our rental services? Simply call us at any time on +49 9323 93 87 100. Let us advise you and together we will surely find the right solution for your requirements. Our technicians will be happy to assist you in setting up and setting up the equipment on site. Each product is also available in large quantities. Just rent router now! - get-IT-easy