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Rent table stand

Now simply rent sturdy table stands, which are perfect for trade shows and presentations. We offer table stands for various tablets and smartphones, so you can display any iPad, tablet or phone. Each of these models is available in different colors. A suitable anti-theft device can also be rented for each of these table stands. This way you are protected even if many participants visit your booth. Also, it is possible to charge any device while it is mounted in the cradle. This ensures constant activity of the device and your customers can interact with your tablet at any time. Since we have many different table stands in our tablet accessories range, we are sure to find the right design for your trade show or event stand. If you do not want to place your hardware on a table, it is recommended to rent a floor stand, or a wall mount. If you wish, we can configure the device so that your visitors can only use a certain application. If you want to rent a table stand, just tell us your ideas and we will find a common solution and choose the right stand for you.