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Rent tablet accessories

We rent you any tablet accessories. This includes floor stands for all tablets offered when you rent a tablet. When you rent our tablet accessories, you are perfectly equipped for any situation. Whether trade fairs, events, presentations or roadshows. We support you with high-quality and stable accessories for tablets.

Wide range of different stands

The floor stands can be rented in different designs and colors, so that they can be perfectly integrated into your exhibition stand. Each stand is available from us in white. Many but also in the colors black and silver or are made of aluminum. Just tell us what you need and we will find the right product for you. In addition to floor stands, we also offer table standsand wall mountsfor tablets, of course. So you are perfectly equipped at any trade show and you can display your hardware anywhere. Upgrade your setup now and rent tablet accessories.

Everything to protect devices

Especially for promotions we also have practical accessories in our rental program. Especially the extra shockproof case with wrist strap allows you to hold it securely on the go and with one hand. Thus, the tablet can be operated perfectly and lies securely in the hand. Our accessories will not let you down. To protect your hardware at events and exhibitions, we offer a wide range of fuses and locks, as well as various covers to protect your equipment. With our special cases you can present your tablets to customers with a clear conscience. The cases are secured with locks to which only you have the keys. Of course, we also offer simple tablet cases.

Suitable for any tablet

No matter if you want to equip an iPadfrom Apple, a Microsoft Surfaceor a Samsung GalaxyTab with the accessories. We have in our offer the right accessories for each device. From sizes starting at 7.9 inches, to 9.7 inches, to 12.9 inches, we have accessory items in our portfolio. At get-IT-easy you can rent the right tablet accessories.

Delivery and advice

Do you want to rent tablet accessories? Then you are exactly right with us. Ordered accessories, except large products such as the tablet floor standwill be shipped in regular boxes. Furthermore, we ship each product via overnight express shipping so that your rented accessories arrive on time and you can get started with your event or presentation. Return shipping is completely relaxed for you, as we simply have all products picked up from you again at the end of the rental period. If you would like to rent special tablet accessories, or have questions about specific products or our service, please feel free to call us at +49 9323 938 71 00. Of course you can also write us an email. The rental period is flexible. You can keep and use the goods as long as you need them. You can rent any item from one day up to 30 rental days or longer. We provide competent advice and look forward to planning events or trade fair appearances with you.