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You have these advantages when you rent computers from us


Our computer rental - fully customized to your needs

Individual configurations

Discover the flexibility of individual configurations. We adapt the computers you rent from us to your specific requirements and thus optimize the performance for your tasks. Simply let us know which software you need and we will take care of the rest.

Upgrades made easy - with computer accessories

Renting computers from us makes it easy for you to keep up to date with the latest technology at all times. In combination with the right accessories, you can work even more efficiently. We offer a wide range of monitors, keyboards, routers and fuses to suit all PCs.

Computer rental - our wide range

Rent a desktop PC:

Our desktop PCs offer powerful computing performance and reliability for a wide range of applications. Depending on your requirements, you can determine the storage space, memory size and graphics card for our rental computers. Whether in the office, outdoors or for private use, our selection meets a wide range of requirements.
    1. Rent an All-in-One PC: iMacs Apple's iMacs (with M1 and M2 chip) combine elegant design with powerful technology. Ideal for creative tasks, graphic design or simply as a space-saving solution.
    2. Rent Mini PCs: Mac Mini, HP ProDesk/EliteDesk The mini PCs offer compact size, but without compromising on performance. The Mac Mini and HP ProDesk/EliteDesk series are perfect for environments where space is at a premium without sacrificing performance.
    3. Rent a gaming PC: Omen, Zotac, MSI Experience gaming at the highest level with our gaming PCs. From Omen to Zotac and MSI, we offer a selection of powerful devices that meet even the most demanding gaming requirements. In combination with our VR glasses, you can significantly increase productivity in your working environment.
    4. Rent workstations: HP, Zotac, MSI, Mac Pro Our workstations are designed to handle professional applications and complex tasks. From HP, Zotac and MSI to the Mac Pro from Apple, we offer workstations that meet the highest demands.

Laptops rent

Rent high-quality notebooks for gaming, office or creative applications. Our selection includes powerful gaming laptops from MSI and Asus, reliable office laptops from HP, Microsoft, Samsung, Lenovo and Dell as well as versatile Apple MacBooks for creative professionals. Whether you're gaming, working on creative projects or managing office tasks, we offer the right devices for rent, including the latest Intel Core and AMD Ryzen processors, plenty of RAM and SSD storage space. Opt for mobility, flexibility and first-class performance with our rented notebooks.
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Areas of application for computer rental

Trade fairs and events: Hiring computers is a great way to equip your exhibition stand with the latest technology, for example. Whether for presentations, interactive displays or data management - our rental PCs help you to create an impressive trade fair presence. Webinars: For successful webinars, we offer powerful computers that enable smooth presentation and interaction. From video streaming to simultaneous participant interaction - our solutions make it easier to design and implement your webinars. Theater: Reliable technologies are crucial in the theater sector. Our rental PCs support performances with powerful computing capacities. Whether for lighting control, projections or the management of stage sets - our computers are designed to meet the high demands of theater operations. Home office: Working from home requires flexible and efficient solutions. Our rental PCs offer the equipment you need to work efficiently from home. Whether for video conferencing, data processing or other professional applications - our selection of computers makes working from home easier.

Contact and support

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