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You have these advantages when you rent tablets from us


Rent a tablet instead of buying one at get-IT-easy

We are your professional partner for tablet rental. All tablets are also available in high quantities. This way you can provide your entire team with the best hardware so that your projects are a complete success. Tablets are particularly space-saving and flexible to use. With a tablet, you can be productive at all times, whether you're working in the office or on the road. You can take the tablet anywhere and use it for any purpose. A tablet also has a longer battery life compared to a laptop. You can use a tablet to present, at school, draw with a pen, edit photos and even play games. You can also quickly access your e-mails and messages and surf the Internet.

Large selection of tablets for rent

We offer tablets in various display inch sizes. With or without LTE on request. You can rent tablets from Apple, Samsung and Microsoft. So items with iOS, Android and Windows are offered. The rental accessories are available in different versions for all mobile devices. Simply request a non-binding offer now.

Apple iPads

iPads are particularly in demand. We offer every iPad model for rent, such as the iPad Pro, iPad Air, classic iPads and iPad mini range. Apple iPads are versatile and ideal for business presentations, creative projects and everyday use. With an intuitive user interface and powerful hardware, they are ideal for businesses, artists and users who value a seamless and engaging user experience.

Samsung Galaxy Tabs

As an alternative, we also offer any model of Samsung Galaxy Tabs with Android. This includes the Tab Aand Galaxy Tab Sseries starting at 32 GB. The Samsung Galaxy Tabs offer a wide range of application options. From compact models for on the go to powerful tablets for productive applications, they are perfect for use in companies, educational institutions and the healthcare sector. The high-resolution displays and robust design make them reliable companions in a variety of scenarios.

Microsoft Surfaces

In addition, we also have many Microsoft Surface with Intel Core i5 or higher in our range as a third alternative. The Microsoft Surface Tablets are characterized by their flexibility and are ideal for business applications. With the ability to switch between laptop and tablet mode, they offer optimal solutions for presentations, meetings and collaborative work. The powerful hardware enables demanding tasks, while the slim design combines mobility and elegance. If you are renting the tablets and need them for image editing, everyday tasks or to show a page or similar, the Surface Pro and Surface Go Tablet PCs in the popular tablet format, with optional dockable keyboard, are a good option. If you choose the Surface Book, you get a 2-in-1 business laptop with WiFi.

Tablet mieten

Tablet accessories - everything you need for tablets

Our focus is not only on renting a tablet, but also on personalized upgrades with perfectly matched accessories.

We have the right tablet accessories for rent for every situation. With a matching keyboard, a tablet can be transformed into a laptop if desired. Whether stylish protective covers, pens for notes, fuses or practical stands - our comprehensive range of tablet accessories meets the highest demands.

If you rent a tablet, you can choose a tablet as a Wifi + Cellular 4G / LTE or as a pure Wifi model. Of course, we also offer SIM cards with LTE to match. You can use rented tablets perfectly for any event, such as trade fairs or promotions.


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