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Samsung Galaxy rent

At get-IT-easy you will find a large selection of different Galaxy smartphones from Samsung. Take a look at our smartphone rental category to view all our phones regardless of brand, size or performance. In addition to various devices from the Galaxy S series, we also offer Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy Note and Galaxy A models. Whether you want to rent older classics or the latest high-end cell phones: Every generation is available in large numbers. In addition, the hard disk storage of most Samsung Galaxy devices is expandable, so you can easily achieve sizes of 256 GB, 512 GB up to one or more TB using an SD card. This means you always have enough storage space for your data and apps.

Samsung Galaxy S - the standard model

If you want to rent a Samsung Galaxy, the Samsung Galaxy S is the basic model - and is also the most popular series in the Galaxy family. Our range in the Galaxy S series extends from the S5 to the S22. Smartphones have changed a lot over time in terms of appearance, functions and performance. They always have the Android operating system, which is perfectly adapted to the respective cell phone by Samsung in terms of design, etc. The Galaxy S series is the counterpart to the normal versions of the Apple iPhones. Although the classic Galaxy S model already has outstanding performance, this can be further improved by the Samsung Galaxy S Plus and Samsung Galaxy S Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S Plus - the performance model

There is a Plus or + version of many of the normal Galaxy S smartphones. The Galaxy S Plus phones are based on the same basic concept as the normal Galaxy S smartphones. However, they generally have larger displays, which in some ways also changes the appearance of the smartphone casing. In addition, long-lasting batteries are installed to compensate for the increased energy consumption and a revised, better camera can usually also be enjoyed. These then often have several cameras or other, new lenses. The Galaxy S+ models are perfect for users who have high demands on the performance of their device or are so-called power users. The Galaxy S20+ is particularly popular.

Samsung Galaxy S Ultra - the high-end model

There is also another variation of the Samsung Galaxy S series, namely the Samsung Galaxy S Ultra smartphones. Unlike the S+ models, Samsung has only been offering the Ultra Galaxies since the release of the Galaxy S20. Accordingly, we offer you, for example, the Galaxy S20 Ultra, the Galaxy S21 Ultra and the Galaxy S22 Ultra, etc. The Galaxy Ultra versions also have larger displays, longer-lasting batteries and a revised camera. Furthermore, each Ultra variant also has additional RAM, which boosts performance. The normal storage space on the device is also even higher on the Ultra models than on the Plus Galaxies. The displays on the Galaxy Ultra are usually a little larger. A smartphone from the Galaxy Ultra series is perfect for you if you use your phone often and have to perform many complex or performance-intensive tasks with your smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy A - the budget model

However, if you only need a Samsung Galaxy smartphone to make phone calls or surf the web, the Galaxy A could be the right choice. Equipped with mid-range processors, the Galaxy A series is the perfect companion for everyday use. Thanks to the strong battery power, it is also no problem for the smartphone to be in continuous operation.

Samsung Galaxy Note - the large model with S-Pen

Probably the most noticeable key feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note devices is the support for the S Pen. This makes it possible to create notes, drawings or other graphics on the display. This feature makes the Galaxy Note look a bit like a smaller tablet that can also be used for making calls. Equipped with multiple camera lenses and powerful octa-core processors, larger and more complex programs are also no problem. Rent the right Samsung Galaxy now.

Samsung Galaxy Foldable - the latest innovation

As we at get-IT-easy always keep an eye on the latest innovations, we naturally also offer you the latest devices from the Samsung Galaxy Foldable series. These devices have the unique feature that you can fold or unfold them. This means the phone fits easily in any pocket and can be conveniently unfolded when in use, enlarging the display and improving the user experience. Devices like the Galaxy Z Flip 3 also have Galaxy S Pen support, so the handy stylus can be used here as well.

Professional advice

If you want to rent a model of Samsung Galaxy, it is especially important to us that you make the right choice that perfectly fits your needs. That's why we are happy to help you choose the right type of equipment. We also offer suitable smartphone accessories for Samsung Galaxy models such as SIM cards. Thanks to our many years of experience in hardware rental for a wide range of devices, we can provide you with the best possible advice so that you can carry out your projects with the best possible hardware.

Express delivery and alternatives

In addition, all products are shipped by us via overnight express shipping, so your order will reach you as soon as possible. Thanks to packaging in environmentally friendly reusable boxes, all appliances are also well protected during transportation. At the end of the rental period, we will have the goods collected from you again. This way, you do not have to go through any additional hassle.