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VR accessories rent

Here you will find everything you need for a VR event. Both useful extras, which make it easier for you to set up and handle several pairs of glasses, and hygiene items can be easily rented from us in addition to your VR glasses order. get-IT-easy is your reliable partner for Virtual Reality.

Rent the right VR accessories for a successful VR event!

Articles for extra hygiene

We are sure to have suitable VR accessories for you as well. Almost all of our customers rent the leather upholstery for VR glasses. These leather pads can be easily and quickly disinfected with a cloth or spray. This makes it hygienically safe for your customers or company employees to use the VR glasses one after the other. Alternatively, we also offer disposable masks for this purpose. Each participant receives his or her own VR disposable mask, which fits between the head and the goggles. This could be useful for you especially if you are present at a larger event where the same VR glasses are used by many different customers. This minimizes the cleaning effort in a cost-effective way and if you rent VR glasses, the comfort is additionally increased. With get-IT-easy you can always rent the right VR accessories and upgrade any goggles like the Meta Quest.

For the simple structure

For stationary VR glasses, such as the HTC Vive or the new Pimax Vision 8K X,tripods are needed to install the tracking boxes. This is necessary to optimally transfer the room and the user's movements into virtual reality. With us you can choose: On the one hand, we offer free-standing stands on whose heads the trackers are firmly screwed. But you can also rent clamp and screw tripod to your order. These can be easily attached to exhibition walls, scaffolding, or similar. These variants are both very space-saving and can be assembled in a very short time. Nevertheless, they offer the full possibilities of use.

Useful extras

Headphones are also often booked to round off the VR experience. In this way, users truly enter a virtual world, as they are completely sealed off from outside influences. This enormously enhances the effect of the content shown. With us you can rent large headphones on-ear with cable, or with wireless Bluetooth connection. However, we also have small In Ear headphones with less weight, such as the Apple Headset. If you want to record your first 360° films yourself, you can rent the suitable 360° camera from us. This makes it very easy to record videos and store them on the internal memory card. Afterwards, the videos can be easily transferred to the computer via USB. Simply everything you need in VR accessories.

Streaming to a big screen

When using VR glasses, only one person can enjoy the content for the time being. Would you like to give your customers the opportunity to share the gaming experience with spectators and outsiders? Many VR goggles, especially stationary ones, offer the possibility to stream the VR screen in normal format to a TV or TV set. Rent the right VR accessories now. For example, at a trade show, make the VR experience visible to more customers at once, so they can easily watch the game play in a relaxed way. In our rental portfolio we have a variety of different matching TV models, also in trade show sizes up to 75 inches! Rent the right TVs for your event now!

Express shipping

Would you like to rent VR accessories now, or instead of renting, would you prefer to lease? Take advantage of our service and submit your rental enquiry to us now. Included with every model is always the standard accessory: an original cable incl. Adapter included. We deliver the equipment not only in DE by overnight express and pick up the reusable boxes from you again at the end of the rental period. We design the rental period as flexible as possible for you. We rent all our equipment from the rental period of 1 day. You can also rent all our equipment for 1 week, 1 month, 50 days, 2 months etc. or up to 3 months. We will arrange a pickup time with you beforehand to ensure that the equipment is ready for pickup. For more info, details and product descriptions about the devices or our service, please feel free to use the chat function on the right side of the screen.