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Desktop rent

get-IT-easy offers a wide range of desktop computer brands

At get-IT-easy you can rent a large number of desktops at any time and benefit from the many advantages of renting. In our rental offer you can find the really powerful desktops from Apple with macOS or from different brands with Windows in large quantities. You are sure to find what you are looking for in our selection. We offer you a wide range of different products.

All-in-one desktops for easy setup

On the one hand, we have different iMac generations on offer. If you work exclusively with Apple devices, the powerful All-in-One computers are certainly right for you. With a large memory or the cloud, there is always enough space for your data and projects. The all-in-one desktops in our range all have a professional display, a powerful processor and are the ideal device for many demands. Another all-in-one PC is, for example, the Surface Studio, which we offer in both generations. Due to the large touchscreen and the unique design, the model is especially perfect for designers or graphic work and can also be used like a large tablet. The device is compatible with the Surface Pen, enabling entirely new ways to work creatively. If you edit a lot of pictures or videos and want to try out the Surface Studio, you should rent such a desktop. If you rather need a workstation or a gaming PC, you may have a look at our general computer offer.

Powerful mini computers for special applications

While Apple iMacs and co. are preferred to be placed in the foreground to benefit from their performance and elegant design, our Mini PCs from HP or the Mac Mini devices from Apple can easily be tucked away in the background due to their size, where they play a presentation, for example. Equipped with large HDD or SSD storage capacities, many data, programmes or presentations can also be stored and executed on them. Rent a mini PC for work now and benefit from the compactness of the products. Whether Intel Core i5 or i7, we have the right product for you. Unsere Mini Computer können nach Ihren Vorstellungen konfiguriert werden. For example, you can freely choose the working memory. Everything from 8 GB RAM upwards is possible. Rent a mini PC for work now and benefit from the compactness of the products. So you can work professionally and rent a desktop.

Configurations according to your needs

Of course, you can adjust the specifications of all units within the limits set by the manufacturer. This allows desktop PCs to be configured specifically for the purpose. If you wish, we can take care of the installation of software such as Microsoft Office or your special configuration in advance. WLAN passwords or registrations can also be preset. Thus, the desktop computers are set up to your needs at any time and delivered ready for immediate use. With our rental equipment, you always use the latest operating system. Whether it's an iMac with MacOS or another desktop computer with Windows 11, you can use the rented device with all its functions and accesses as you wish during the rental period. You decide which apps and programmes are installed. Rent a desktop now at get-IT-easy. We are also happy to offer you peripherals of all kinds, including various screens, to match your rented PC. We also offer additional equipment in our store to enhance your setup. In this regard, you can also rent workstations and gaming PCs here.

Express shipping

The minimum rental period is one day, but you can also extend the rental period to a week or a month. The return shipment is handled by us. We collect the rented equipment from you again at the end of the rental period, so you don't have to worry about deliveries. Shipping costs are calculated individually for each offer depending on the ordered quantity. Rent your desktop with get-IT-easy and stay flexible. We ship each product in environmentally friendly reusable boxes and secure them with locks. Your delivery will arrive safely and, above all, on time thanks to Overnight Express Shipping.

Advice and service

If you rent a desktop or have any questions about a product or our service, please feel free to contact us. Either send us an email or call us at +49 9323 938 71 00. We will be happy to advise you at any time. Your reliable partner in rental.