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Virtual Reality rent

Rent VR glasses and everything you need to experience virtual reality up close: Here at get-IT-easy, you can rely on high-quality advice and have access to all the technical equipment you need - no matter what you need. VR type that is necessary for you and your customers to immerse yourselves in the world of virtual reality. We also offer VR Ready hardware and matching accessories.

Wide choice of virtual reality

If you are interested in virtual reality, get-IT-easy is the right place for you. Here you can rent everything to do with virtual reality, as we have large quantities of every VR headset available for rent.

Stationary PC VR Glasses

There are two main types of VR glasses: Mobile and stationary virtual reality glasses. The latter require VR-ready hardware, such as a powerful gaming computer or an MSI Katana gaming laptop for operation - and are therefore locally bound. For a very special experience at your event, we recommend a stationary virtual reality headset. Here, you can be completely tracked in space with the help of controllers and move around within the virtual world. This enables the display of complex simulators, games and other applications in impressive quality. Several VR glasses can also be operated simultaneously. You can see videos in high definition when you rent the glasses. With stationary VR glasses, outside viewers can see the content shown on the glasses on an external display. We offer the HTC Vive and the Meta Rift as stationary VR glasses. These are ideal for events with a lasting impression. Rent your virtual reality equipment now! Benefit from the most modern and highest quality VR glasses. We offer you the first 8K VR glasses from the up-and-coming manufacturer PIMAX already. Rent the Pimax 8K and the Pimax Vision 8K X from get-IT-easy!

Mobile all-in-one VR glasses

With 360-degree virtual reality glasses, you can experience the virtual world from an exciting perspective. The headset sits firmly on your head, while controllers with touch pads allow you to move around the room. Mobile virtual reality glasses such as the Samsung Gear VR, a Meta Quest or the Zeis VR One are suitable for trade fairs and mass events. There are many more models if you want to rent virtual reality. However, these smartphone VR devices require a smartphone as a display to show the virtual content. We offer a wide range of VR smartphones. These open up new possibilities for you. The VR glasses work without external power sources and can be controlled remotely. In the case of remote control, one employee takes over the central navigation for the participants. Everyone then always sees the same content - all without cables in the vicinity. There are now also self-sufficient headsets such as the Meta Go, which have the display built directly into the glasses and also work wirelessly.

Many areas of application for virtual reality

You can use various VR glasses as a simulator, for games, video, photography, special event modules or as an interactive 3D product description. Depending on which type of VR glasses you choose. Each model has its own advantages and can be further improved with the right VR accessories. The resolution is up to 4K pixels, depending on the VR headset. We also offer the Microsoft Hololens as mixed reality glasses. Information is displayed directly in front of your eyes. A great technology. The software is provided in each case on a native platform. At get-IT-easy you can rent everything about Virtual Reality. We will be happy to advise you on this topic.

Suitable for your trade show appearance

As a special service, we can provide you with competent personnel on request. We have a large network of professional service providers and experts who provide event support and are highly experienced in all areas. If you want to produce your own virtual content, we can support you with external service providers. This guarantees a smooth flow of production and event. We will be happy to advise you in detail to ensure that the item fits your needs and that your events are a complete success.

Advice and delivery

You want to rent Virtual Reality? We will be happy to advise you and help you choose the right products for your event. Thanks to our many years of experience with this technology and our large product portfolio, we are sure to find the right setup to make your trade fair appearance a complete success. When you rent items for virtual reality, they are shipped via overnight express shipping so you always receive the goods on time. In addition, we ship all items in environmentally friendly reusable boxes. You can borrow any product from one day and keep it for up to 30 days or longer.