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Rent SIM cards

With us you can rent SIM cards for cell phones and tablets. Since our offer consists of many Internet-enabled devices, we offer you to order the necessary SIM cards at fair rates. That is why we have two different SIM card types for you to choose from. Data-only cards and SIM cards with all-net flat rates can be booked. You will need the latter if you want to use your device to make calls, write text messages, or use the Internet on the go. The cards can be booked with different rates, depending on how much data volume you need or how much you want to call. If you do not want to make calls on the road, but only use mobile data, a data card is sufficient. We offer you a data volume from 200 MB to 10 GB, which can be easily extended at any time. Just let us know and we will add the desired amount of data. Our SIM cards have 4G / LTE networks with roaming throughout Europe, which is why you can easily cross country borders in Europe and still remain reachable. 5G is also available in certain locations. If you need the new technology, you can simply add 5G capability. Generally, we offer you the appropriate SIM cards for the rental devices, depending on what you use the device for. The costs for the various SIM cards are fixed and can be booked as a package. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to advise you with our years of experience. Rent SIM cards now and upgrade your devices with them.
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