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Apple iPhone mini rent - small but powerful

Renting the iPhone mini instead of buying it is very easy at get-IT-easy. If you choose the small iPhone model, you get the latest technology in a mini format. Rent an iPhone mini now and decide for yourself the number of units and rental period. Under the iPhone category on our website, there are also larger Apple smartphones to be found such as the iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max.

Self configuration and accessories

If you rent an iPhone mini, this category gives you the choice between newer and older iPhone models. Also you can choose a color of the products and select your desired memory size. These start at 64 GB and end at 512 GB, which is more than enough for everyday tasks. If you need WLAN or mobile internet, we of course have routers or 4G / LTE sim cards on offer. Protective accessories are also a popular choice. This includes cases, theft protection and much more to protect the iPhone minis from fall and theft.

The little brother of the classic iPhones

The iPhone mini series is just as fast as the classic iPhone, just in a more compact form. A mini is accordingly less expensive and ideal for any pocket. All iPhone mini are visually the same as the normal Apple iPhone and have a high-resolution and responsive Super Retina display, two good rear cameras (dual camera). Each mini has a 5.4-inch display size, which fits superbly well in one hand.

Service and advice

You want to rent the iPhone mini now and avoid buying it? Then send us a rental request and we will take care of preparing a quote as soon as possible. Questions about products such as: price, duration and contract we will gladly answer by mail or telephone. Our rental period starts with us at one day. One month or several months are the most popular options. Overnight, we ship all equipment in environmentally friendly reusable boxes so you receive the goods as quickly as possible. Get-IT-easy is at your disposal in the rental!
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