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Rent floor stand

You can rent stable floor stands from us so that you can present your hardware perfectly. Floor stands in general are very stable, as they are made of steel and have a heavy base. We offer the brackets in different versions, which means that various display sizes can be secured in the floor stand. In addition, all stands are secured with locks. This is the perfect backup for the borrowed media equipment. In order to always display your desired content on the devices, the iPads and other tablets can be configured with a special app so that only selected content is accessible. If you wish, access can also be restricted so that only authorised websites can be accessed. To ensure that the tablets can be used at any time, each floor stand offers a charging option. With the help of our tablet accessories, the devices can also be attached to walls. We have wall brackets for this in our program. But there are not only holders for products in our portfolio. The perfect equipment for your trade fair or event.
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