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Mac mini rent

The Apple Mac mini offers strong performance combined with a slim design. Thus, the model is one of the best of all desktop computers. Alternatively, you can also find HP desktop computersin our portfolio that run Windows instead of MacOS. Suitable for a monitor. We have different inch sizes and all monitors have sharp displays. Rent a compact Apple desktop with macos now at get-IT-easy, we have different models of Mac Mini in this category.

Compact and classy design

The look of Apple's Mac mini is quite unique. The case is made of one piece and looks very high-quality due to the aluminum. The device is available in silver and space gray, so it can be integrated well into most trade show booths and offices in terms of color. With an extremely low height of less than 4 cm and a length and width of less than 20 cm, the Mini PC can be placed anywhere, even if the available space is limited.

Enough power - no matter which use case

If you want to rent a Mac mini, you have the choice between an Intel Core processor or Apple's M1 chip. A powerful Intel Core i7 processor or the new Apple M1 chip is suitable for complex processes, for example. However, the version with an Intel Core i5 processor is sufficient and reliable for everyday office tasks. In combination with up to 64 GB of RAM, you will definitely have enough working memory to execute all upcoming tasks with strong performance. To ensure you have enough storage space for your files and applications, Mac mini has up to 2TB of fast SSD storage.

Choice of different models

Especially if you need a larger quantity of Mac minis, we are the right partner, because we are able to provide you with a high number. We currently have the 2018 Mac Mini and the 2020 Mac Mini for rent. Even if you are interested in other desktop devices like the Apple iMac or the Surface Studio, we are here for you. In the Mac rental category you will find all Mac Apple products, such as the MacBook or the iMac.

Express delivery and qualified advice

Once you have ordered your desired hardware from us, we will ship the order via overnight express shipping. The goods are packed in environmentally friendly reusable boxes. So the devices arrive well protected and safe with you. Even after the rental period is over, we will have the hardware picked up from you again, so you won't have any additional hassle due to shipping. If you are not yet sure which model best suits your requirements, we will be happy to advise you on the selection of equipment. Through our many years of experience, together we are sure to find the optimal setup for you. If you have any questions about price, products, contract or more or want to rent a Mac mini, please feel free to call us at +49 9323 93 87 100 or contact us by mail.
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