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iMac rent

In our rental you will find a variety of different iMac models. Here you will find various generations with different specifications and display sizes. However, if you don't want to work with an Apple device, we have other desktops on offer that use Windows.

Powerful hardware for professionals

The Apple iMac is exactly the right device if you want to do elaborate work such as video editing or graphic design. With the help of powerful processors, iMacs are able to support you optimally in every activity. In particular, Apple's new M1 chip, which was installed in the iMac (2021), outperforms comparable models from other manufacturers. iMacs also have plenty of memory and always enough hard drive space. For example, you have several GB to store your data and programmes. For less power and a more compact design, the Apple Mac mini is particularly suitable.

High-quality workmanship and noble design

When you rent the Apple iMac, you get a high-end product in every respect. Not only the performance, but also the appearance sets new standards. The all-in-one computer impresses with its unique look and enhances every workplace. That's why iMacs are also popular at trade fair presentations or other presentations, as the high-quality look goes down very well with visitors. In principle, iMacs are of first-class workmanship and leave nothing to be desired.

Outstanding retina displays

Every iMac generation has a high-quality display with top resolution. This covers a very large colour space, which makes graphic work much easier and promotes creativity. In our rental you will find iMacs in different sizes. These include sizes ranging from 21.5 inches to 24 inches and 27 inches.

Professional advice

Are you interested in an iMac or do you have questions about a product or our service? Then feel free to call us at +49 9323 938 71 00 or send us an email. We are happy to help you choose the right equipment for your event. Generally, we also offer computers from other manufacturers such as HP or Microsoft Surface. Especially if you want to work as mobile and flexible as possible, we recommend the Apple MacBook.

Express shipping

Sollten If you are renting an iMac, we will send the order by overnight express shipping so that the goods arrive as quickly as possible. So you can start directly with your projects. At the end of the rental period, we will have the hardware collected from you again. This means you don't have to worry about shipping directly and can concentrate fully on your work. Generally, our products are shipped well protected in environmentally friendly reusable boxes.