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Rent a gaming PC - experience the gaming PC range from get-IT-easy now!

Are you looking for the non plus ultra in terms of performance and size? If you are looking for powerful hardware for gaming, get-IT-easy is the right place for you. We offer computers from Zotac, MSI and HP, for example, with which you are able to run extremely demanding applications and video games. Choose now from our selection of powerful gaming PCs, rent a gaming PC and benefit from the unrivalled power of solid tower gaming PCs or handy and compact gaming PCs. When you rent a gaming PC you are well equipped for all new PC games and any kind of VR video games. Too much power or you are looking for another PC or laptop? At get-IT-easy you can also rent numerous other items such as laptops, rent workstations or rent another desktop PC.

Our gaming offer for renting instead of buying | Rent a gaming PC at get-IT-easy

Do you need a large number of gaming PCs as quickly as possible, but don't want to invest in a lot of money because you only want to use the devices for a limited period of time? We have some high-end gaming computersin our range from MSI and ZOTAC, which are also ideal for VR gaming with PC VR Reality glasses. All you have to do here is connect the VR glasses to the PCs and you're ready to go, getting a professional gaming experience. The high-performance computers come with NVDIA Geforce graphics cards, RAM with up to 64 GB, powerful Intel processors and up to several TB of SSD or HDD storage space.

Exceptional design with exceptional performance | Statements in optics and hardware

All our gaming PCs are always equipped with the latest hardware. Thanks to powerful processors, the latest high-end graphics cards and plenty of RAM, even the most complex programmes are no problem for the gaming hardware in our portfolio. In this gaming category you will find the best and most powerful Windows desktop gaming PCs in our entire range.

Rent our most powerful gaming PCs - brute power for virtual reality, gaming, rendering and co.

Processors - Rent a Gaming PC with Intel and AMD CPU of the latest generations

processor-cpu-of-gaming-pcOur gaming machines are of course equipped with the latest high-end processors. These include, for example, 11th generation Intel Core i9 processors, which ensure that the gaming PCs have above-average performance. All of these CPUs offer above-average performance in gaming, which is difficult to exhaust and meets the highest requirements in the gaming business. Our most powerful processor is in the P100X, an 11th generation Intel Core i9. The Intel Core i9 11900K is an Octa Core processor, which means it has 8 individual cores with 2 each, for a total of 16 threads. Each of these cores in turn offers 3.5 GHz of performance, which makes the gaming PCs in which it is installed real masters of their class.

A good processor is particularly important for gaming, for example, when playing complex real-time strategy games in which many complex calculations have to run simultaneously. Even if the game is to be streamed in parallel during gaming, the processor is particularly stressed during broadcasting.

Graphics Cards - Rent a Gaming PC with Nvidia GeForce RTX or AMD Radeon™ RX GPU


Grafikkarten - Gaming PC mieten mit Nvidia GeForce RTX oder AMD Radeon™ RX GPUThe graphics card is probably the most important component of any gaming PC. In addition to the physics of the game, it is also responsible for the overall visual appearance of each game and decides how high-resolution or graphically elaborate the games can be played. When you rent a gaming PC from get-IT-easy, you won't be disappointed in terms of graphics performance. The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 is installed in most of our current gaming PCs. It is currently still one of the strongest graphics cards from the GeForce range.

With exclusive NVIDIA Ray Tracing technology, current gaming titles shine in a whole new light and shadow with stunning shaders. The RTX 3080 does not have 8 GB as standard like its predecessors, but always a whopping 10 GB of GDDR6 GPU graphics memory. As a result, gaming PCs can handle full 4K output on multiple monitors without reaching their limits, and this is true for every new game on the market without exception.

Memory and storage space - rent a gaming PC with high-quality RAM and HDD in bulk

arbeitsspeicher-ram-gaming-pcThe top models of our gaming PCs are mostly offered with 64 GB of RAM as standard. Compared to normal laptops and office PCs, this is an enormous amount of RAM, which can be completely used by very few games. Such volumes are therefore usually more useful for multitasking or for recording or streaming gaming video material, as well as for working with several computationally intensive applications. So if such areas of application are also part of your plans, you don't have to worry about anything with the gaming PC rental from get-IT-easy! Here, too, you can configure your gaming PC as you wish, depending on the rental option: 2 RAM bars with 32 GB capacity each or with 4 slots with 16 GB each, for example. With DDR4 RAM modules, at 3200 MHz, the memory can be accessed and used quickly. There are also no limits when it comes to storage space: Fast SSDs with up to 1000 GB of storage, or a 512GB SSD with the operating system thus additionally ensure fast and smooth work. On the other optional 1 TB - 3 TB HDD hard disks, there is still enough storage for all kinds of data volumes such as games or video material.

New: Complete customisation - rent a gaming PC and configure it as you wish.

At get-IT-easy, when you rent a gaming PC, you are completely free to choose how it is configured and built. Depending on how your desired case or housing is constructed or which game is to be played on the PC, you can rent your gaming PC with different graphics cards and processors. You can also adjust the size of the RAM and the HDD and SSD storage space to suit your needs. Simply let us know your specific requirements in your enquiry or by telephone. For example, to reduce costs a little, some customers sometimes choose cheaper AMD Ryzen chips or smaller graphics cards like an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070. Of course, you can also choose the operating system you want, or have the gaming PC delivered without one. With the pre-installed Windows 10 Professional operating system, you can fully exploit the gaming PC's performance when gaming. Rent a gaming PC now and configure your perfect model immediately!

VR-Ready! Rent a gaming PC to immerse yourself in virtual reality:

VR glasses from Pimax, Oculus or HTC can be connected comfortably and without hesitation. Our gaming computers have their high performance precisely for such complex applications as the latest VR games. Even if you are planning a VR event, for example, you can rent one or more of the same gaming PCs from us to offer your customers and visitors the best possible VR experience.

Size and manageability - rent a compact gaming PC

Zotac VR GO rent

  Gaming PC rental for on the road, at home, or for easy set-up at your event or trade fair? The large desktop and tower PCs are not always particularly handy and can lead to elaborate circumstances when setting them up, especially in large quantities. But in our gaming PC category we can offer you the best of both worlds: Our compact and mini PCs, such as the Zotac VR or ZOTAC ZBOX 2070 (2020), can also compete with the big ones in the gaming sector in terms of size to performance ratio. And these small gaming PCs can also shine in terms of absolute top performance, as they can also be rented with an RTX 3080 and an Intel i9, for example. They also have the advantage that they can be hidden behind most common screens at events, for example, to achieve the neatest and most uncluttered setup possible. When it comes to transport, set-up and general work with the devices, a mini gaming PC saves you a lot of stress. So you are perfectly equipped for your event, with the perfect fusion of performance for demanding gaming as a gamer and convenience in handling, when you rent a compact gaming PC from get-IT-easy.

Designs in a class of their own - futuristic gaming PCs and gaming with style.

design-sleek-gaming-pcLast but not least, the exterior of the computer often plays a major role, especially for gaming PCs. In most cases, the visual aspect is what distinguishes a gaming PC from a workstation. Both can shine with high performance, but not with an extravagant design. Especially if you rent an MSI MEG Infinite X 11th or OMEN desktop gaming PC, you will notice the typical gaming style of the computers. With colourful LED applications, glowing fans and enclosures, some of which can even be customised in terms of colour, every gamer can always adapt their gaming PC perfectly to their setup. The design of gaming PCs also harmonises particularly well with the futuristic style of various new VR glasses. The strong performance of the gaming PCs is thus also reflected externally through the striking design and usually also an aggressive shape. This way, you can also add an eye-catcher to your stand at trade fairs and events, for example.

Has all necessary ports for maximum compatibility

All our gaming PCs, regardless of size and design, always offer any connections and slots for peripherals. In addition to optional WLAN and Bluetooth, you can always expect a LAN Internet connection, for example. This means that gamers always have the option of stable and reliable cloud gaming with low latency or the use of other cloud applications. Furthermore, all our gaming PCs always have at least 3x USB 2.0 and 3x USB 3.0 with 5 GB/s. Of course, all common audio connections for line IN and OUT as well as for microphones are included. Most modern graphics cards in our gaming PCs always have at least one HDMI and one DisplayPort connection. In addition, there are usually 1 or 2 additional connections of the same type, so that, for example, 3 monitors or 1 pair of VR glasses and 2 TVs can be connected directly to the GPU for streaming. The RTX 3080 graphics card has 3 DisplayPort and 1 HDMI port. You are also welcome to contact us before renting a gaming PC to make sure that all your requirements are met.

Accessories for extended use

When customers use our service and rent a gaming PC, they often also rent the appropriate additional products in order to rent a complete bundle or set. In addition to a desktop computer, we are happy to offer you a suitable display, e.g. an fhd TV or a screen or monitor, as well as a mouse, keyboard, headset, etc., or external additional hard drives, regardless of whether they are 1TB, 2TB or 3TB in size.

Qualified advice, full service and express delivery

Would you like to rent or lease a gaming PC now? Use our service and submit your rental request to us now to find out the rental price of the hardware depending on the rental period and details on shipping and payment. Are you a customer of ours or do you have any questions about our rental services? Simply call us at any time on +49 9323 93 87 100. You can rent any gaming PC from one day but also one month or up to one year. Rent a gaming PC now!