Smartphone anti-theft





Smartphone anti-theft

  • Secure smartphones and tablets
  • Electrical fuse with alarm
  • Remote control included

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smartphone anti-theft device rent

The electric anti-theft device is ideally suited to ensure the safety of your equipment and convenient use on tables or exhibition walls. Thus, it is also a practical table stand for your smartphones. The cell phone is fixed by additional holding arms and if a cable would not be removed properly, a loud alarm sounds. Now simply rent a smartphone anti-theft device for trade fairs and events. Not the right anti-theft device? At get-IT-easy you can also rent other anti-theft devices, or rent another table stand.

Protect your hardware now by renting a smartphone anti-theft device

Suitable for any smartphone

Our smartphone anti-theft devices are compatible with any cell phone. So also with the iPhone, such as the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max. On the one hand, the device is attached to the anti-theft device with an extremely strong adhesive strip, which leaves no residue after use, and on the other hand, the cell phone can be additionally fixed by two holding arms. This combination promises great security for your hardware. In addition, your smartphone is powered at all times. Depending on the model, USB-C, Micro USB, or Lightning cables can be connected to the anti-theft device.

Monitorable by remote control

You can program each anti-theft device individually so that you can monitor multiple fuses with one remote control. Thus, you can easily and conveniently control your exhibited devices. If cables are cut by unauthorized intervention, a loud tone sounds, so that you are directly alerted to possible theft attempts. The anti-theft device can be attached to tables or walls either by the strong adhesive layer. Or you can attach the fuse to your booth using supplied screws.

Flexibility and security

Our smartphone anti-theft devices offer you and your devices the necessary security you need at events and trade fairs. Show off your equipment impressively and fascinate your visitors. The fuses are in a plain white color to match most trade show setups. The secured smartphone is also magnetically attached to the stand. Thus, the mobile device can be taken in the hand or moved without any problems. This makes the anti-theft device an extremely flexible backup method. Alternatively, we also offer other smartphone accessories to protect your devices.

In our offer you can also find custom-fit tablet anti-theft universal anti-theft devices or other table stands.

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For iPad models we also have mounting options

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