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Rent the classic Apple iPad - ideal for trade fairs

We offer various generations of the iPad for rent. That's why you can get older iPad models from us, but of course also the latest devices, such as those from the 9. or 10th generation. As an alternative to the classic iPad, we also offer many other tablets such as iPad models.

The optimal iPad for beginners

In general, the classic iPad is an entry-level model. Its performance is below that of the iPad Air or the iPad Pro. However, this does not mean that the appliance cannot be used effectively due to insufficient power. The classic iPad can be used as a second screen in the office, for example, or as a digital notepad at school. The tablet is also ideal for playing content such as advertising films or images at a trade fair, for example. To cope with this content, the devices offer between 16 GB and 256 GB of storage space.

High-quality display in a handy format

The classic iPad is available in two display sizes and is generally larger than the iPad mini. While models from 2017(iPad 5 9.7″) and 2018(iPad 6 9.7″) have a size of 9.7 inches, Apple has installed a 10.2-inch screen in more recent generations. The iPad 9 2021 and iPad 10 2022 in particular impress with their impressive resolution. The True Tone feature constantly adjusts colours and brightness to the current environment, so that displays look even more natural and the viewer's eye is spared. A grease-repellent layer on the display makes the device ideal for presentations. So there are many good reasons for renting the classic iPad.

Long-lasting battery and solid camera

One advantage of the classic iPad is its battery power. The built-in battery in combination with the efficiently working processor ensures that you can get through a working day well with each model. So you always have enough power for your tasks, whether on the road, in the home office or in the office. If you rent the classic iPad, you can work with it for about 12 hours before the device needs to be charged, although this time varies slightly depending on the generation.

The camera on the iPad Classic is a basic version as standard, but nevertheless offers sufficient quality for video calls.

Versatile tablet accessories for every use case

At get-IT-easy you will find a wide range of accessories with which you can extend the functionality of the iPad. These include, for example, SIM cards that allow you to access all the features of the iPad while on the move. We also offer various stands and anti-theft devices so that the tablet can be used appropriately at an event. But normal cases, power banks or headphones can also be useful additions for the iPad. We will be happy to help you select the right accessories.

Professional advice

Here you can rent a classic iPad instead of buying it. This way you remain flexible at all times and can always work with the latest technology. If you have any questions about a specific model or our service, please call us on +49 9323 938 71 00 or send us an e-mail. If you wish, we can plan the hardware selection together with you so that you get the right equipment for your projects.

Express shipping

When you rent an iPad, your order is shipped well secured in environmentally friendly reusable boxes. This ensures that the goods reach you safely. In addition, we ship all devices via overnight express shipping so that your hardware arrives as quickly as possible and you can get started with your projects. At the end of the rental period, we will have the products picked up from you again. This allows you to concentrate fully on your work and not have to worry about shipping.