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Gear 360° camera

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Samsung Gear 360 degree camera rent

Recording of the complete environment. Rent the Samsung Gear 360 degree camera now.

4K resolution for best image quality – rent a 360 degree camera now

With this 360-degree camera, you can film 360-degree videos with a resolution of 4K (at 30 FPS) and capture your experiences.
This resolution is ideal for producing footage for use in the Samsung Gear VR, as the camera can capture video at 4096 x 2048 pixels.
With the GoPro alternative, photos can be taken with up to 15 megapixels.

Two lenses for the 360° experience

Two lenses, each covering over 180°, create seamless footage when you rent the Samsung 360 degree camera. The two camera lenses are built into a sphere with a diameter of 4.5 cm. Operation is relatively simple at all times, as there are not many buttons on the camera.

With a weight of 130 g, the camera is very light and therefore optimally suited to be used everywhere. In addition, the housing is certified according to IP53. This means that the device is protected from splashing water and dust. The low weight and sturdy housing make the action camera very mobile and variable use.

Seamless connections

Here, any compatible smartphone can be rented and paired with the Samsung Gear 360. After that, you can use theWiFi Direct connection to find the display for the remote viewfinder or transfer data easily. In addition, recordings stored on a Samsung smartphone can be relived later with Samsung Gear VR glasses.

A handy feature is that you can pair the Gear 360-degree camera directly with the YouTube app. This allows the user to stream live directly to Youtube. Thanks to the 360 degree function, your audience will always experience the action up close. Present your content from trade shows or events in this way to deliver an experience to your customers who can’t be there.

Complementary products

For playback and editing, you can also rent the appropriate smartphones and computers from us. If desired, already with the appropriate software. We also offer additional VR accessories or alternative VR glasses.

Advice and delivery

We ship all equipment by overnight express in environmentally friendly reusable boxes.

You can rent all our items from one day also for several days or months, up to the maximum rental period of 3 months.

We will gladly support you. Just ask us.

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