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Older iPhones for rent - Apple phones starting with year of manufacture 2013

If you rent older iPhones and thus avoid a purchase, you have free choice of the number of units and the rental period of each smartphone. Older mobile phone devices can be used for many purposes, because you don't always need the latest device for every kind of work. Do you want to rent a newer Apple iPhone? We also have brand new and latest Apple iPhones on offer on our website, including the iPhone Pro and iPhone mini.

Choices and accessories

If you want to rent one or more older iPhones, you have a wide range of classic iPhone models to choose from. Depending on the device or model, you get a different display size. The memory size already starts at 16 GB, but more is of course possible. If you also need WLAN, we offer suitable routers. If you want to be mobile instead, we have 4G / LTE SIM cards on offer on our website. Since the older iPhones are particularly suitable at an event - such as a trade fair - we have stands and holders for presentation as accessories.

The benefits of renting older Apple devices

If you want to rent older iPhones, you naturally also have many advantages. For one thing, renting the old devices is much cheaper compared to newer models like the iPhone Pro Max. Furthermore, you only have them for as long as you need them. This does not create an old equipment cemetery. You use the iPhones for as long as you wish and afterwards you don't have to worry about anything. We can also configure the units for you in advance with an app or several programmes if you wish.

Service at get-IT-easy

You would like to rent older iPhones instead of buying them? If you have any questions about products, our price, term, contract details and the rental itself, please feel free to contact us at any time. We answer all mails or you can also simply call us. The rental period starts at one day. You can also borrow the devices for a month or several months. We are flexible and will find a solution. We ship the packages overnight and you receive your iPhones as quickly as possible, because customer satisfaction is very important to our employees.
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