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Rent VR smartphone

We offer a wide range of VR smartphones in our offer. So you can experience virtual reality to the fullest even on a small budget. Simply combine a compatible cell phone with mobile VR goggles.

How do VR smartphones work in combination with VR glasses?

Simply rent the right virtual reality smartphone and experience the entertainment of the smartphone VR headset. It is so easy for you to use virtual reality without expensive hardware. The Gear VR headset in combination with a Galaxy S smartphone is thus a real alternative to other virtual reality glasses like the Oculus Rift. It is possible for you to play the same content on multiple glasses at the same time, so you can serve larger groups simultaneously. This allows you to remain flexible and handle even large VR events. For example, you can show presentations to your customers at trade shows, or events and impress them with virtual reality. Rent the right VR smartphone now, perfect for your VR glasses.

Wide choice of VR smartphones

You can rent a variety of VR smartphones in our rental shop. Devices from Samsung are particularly suitable. We offer every suitable model from the cheap Galaxy S6 to the Samsung Galaxy S21. Basically, newer smartphones offer a better experience than older models. Primarily the display of the cell phone is important to ensure better virtual reality graphics. Thus, it is at least worth using the Galaxy S10. Of course, you can use the phones for more than just virtual reality activities. Classic features such as making calls, surfing the web, using apps, etc. are also possible with smartphones. This will make your event or trade fair appearance a complete success.

Compatible with various VR glasses

If you want to rent a VR smartphone, you can combine it with several VR glasses. In the VR Ready Hardware category you will find suitable devices for every type of VR glasses. In der Kategorie VR Ready Hardware finden Sie für jede Art von VR-Brille die passenden Geräte. Designed specifically for Samsung phones, this model offers the best VR experience. The special VR glasses work in such a way that the virtual reality capable smartphone is inserted or clamped into the VR glasses, so that the cell phone display is also the display of the VR glasses. The latter also sit comfortably on the user's head due to their light weight. Even people who wear glasses can comfortably put on these VR glasses. On request, we also offer appropriate VR accessories such as VR disposable masks, leather pads for each VR goggles. Just let us know what you need and we will find the right one for you.

Configuration and services

If you wish, we can configure the devices in advance and upload your content so that the VR glasses arrive ready for use. Simply discuss your project with us and we will be happy to advise you in a competent and goal-oriented manner. This is how you inspire your customers with high-quality technology. We find the right solution for all requirements.

Delivery and advice

Do you want to rent a VR smartphone to dive into the virtual world in combination with mobile VR glasses or do you need it for a VR event? get-IT-easy ships all devices via overnight express shipping, so that the ordered goods arrive on time and you can start with your projects in time. In addition, our products are shipped in environmentally friendly reusable boxes. So your items arrive undamaged and well secured by locks. If you would like to rent a VR smartphone, have questions about a specific product or our service, please feel free to contact us. You can reach us by phone at +49 9323 938 71 00. Of course you can also contact us in writing by mail. You can rent any product from one day and keep it as long as you need it. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the appropriate setup, drawing on years of rental experience.
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