MSI Katana GF 66 (2021)





MSI Katana GF 66 (2021)

The perfect laptop for gaming and VR glasses

  • 15,6″ Full HD IPS
  • Intel Core i7-11800H processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 laptop GPU

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Rent MSI Katana – A powerful gaming notebook

Would you like to rent the MSI Katana gaming laptop or are you looking for other Windows notebooks? With us, you are sure to find the right device.
When you rent the MSI Katana gaming laptop, you get a high-performance MSI gaming laptop that lets you experience every game with high-resolution graphics.

The MSI Katana GF66 11UE 063 39.6 (black) is also well suited for gaming with VR glasses. In addition to the gaming laptop, you are sure to find the right accessories on our website to enhance your gaming experience.
In the category gaming laptop rent, you will find all other gaming laptops that we currently offer. The MSI Katana 39.6 is also well suited for roadshows, home office and software testing.

Intel Core i7 11th generation processor and Geforce RTX graphics card

If you rent the MSI Katana, you receive an MSI gaming laptop with a very powerful processor. The gaming laptop is equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor 11800h 16GB 512GB SSD of the 11th generation. With this processor and the 512 GB SSD, it is easy to play games that require high computing power and it is also great fun to immerse yourself in the metaverse with VR glasses.

In addition to the Intel Core i7 processor, a top graphics card from Nvidia is also installed, the GeForce RTX 3070 laptop GPU. The Geforce RTX 3070 is an upgrade to the Geforce RTX 3060 Series. With this high-resolution graphics card, you can experience the latest games with an outstanding picture and have even more fun with your games. With the Geforce RTX, you’ll experience maximum performance and outshine your opponents in every game. The MSI Katana is also an eye-catcher at every trade fair and VR event.

MSI Katana rent – Great display in a high-quality case

The MSI Katana GF 66 / GF 76 features a 15.6-inch Intel Core Thin Bezel, Anti-Glare Retina Display. Games graphics look even better and clearer on this 15.6-inch Intel Core retina display. The graphics look more vivid and make your gaming experience unique.
The high-resolution display of the Microsoft notebook is rounded off with a high-quality housing that is designed in such a way that two fans and 6 heat pipes could be installed. This makes it no problem to run the laptop at full power for several hours and have maximum performance in extreme games.

Strong WiFi and many ports

When you rent the MSI Katana, you get a gaming laptop in which the connection to the Internet is via Wi-Fi 6. Wi-Fi 6 is three times faster than Wi-Fi 5, giving you lightning-fast gaming and streaming.
Besides the good Wi-Fi, the MSI gaming laptop also has enough ports, an RJ45 port for the LAN cable, an HDMI port, a USB-C port, 3 USB-A ports and an audio port.

Alternative products

You would like to rent the MSI Katana and are looking for further articles? In the gaming laptop rent category you will find all the laptops we currently have on offer. The older alternative is the MSI Gaming Laptop 2020, zwei Gaming Laptops aus two gaming laptops from 2021 are the Asus TUF or the Asus ROG. You can find more laptops, such as Apple Macbooks or workstation laptops, in our laptop rental category.

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Top Service

If you rent the MSI Katana now, it will be sent to you very quickly by overnight express and if you wish even pre-configured. Our products are shipped in environmentally friendly reusable boxes and we also take care of the return shipping. If you have any questions about the MSI Katana or are interested in renting several units, you can also send us an e-mail or call us on +49 9323 938 7 100.

Our service is targeted and free of charge. You can rent equipment from us as a subscription for an indefinite period. Rental is possible for one day, several days, one month or even several months. Payment of the rent is also possible in instalments at a reasonable monthly rate. Our hardware is always supplied with original parts.

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