The get-IT-easy VR Event Bundle

At get-IT-easy you can now rent exclusive bundles and save valuable time when looking for the right hardware. We have put together the perfect hardware bundle for you to rent for a VR event. The products listed on the right are the favourites of our long-standing customers, and are perfect for VR events of all kinds and other virtual reality-related events.

Virtual reality is currently on everyone’s lips, so more and more of our customers want to get into the subject and take advantage of the benefits of the VR world. Je nachdem aus welchen Gründen auch Sie VR-Equipment benötigen, gibt es verschiedene Kombinationen aus Virtual Reality Geräten und Produkten die am besten für den speziellen Zweck geeignet sind. With our VR Event Bundle you get everything you need to make your VR event a success. In the get-IT-easy VR-Event Bundle you will find the latest and highest quality VR glasses combined with the necessary peripherals and accessories to offer your customers or employees the best possible experience.


The VR FOR EVENT complete package - stress-free and reliable


At a virtual reality event, one thing is clearly the centre of attention: the VR glasses. The virtual reality glasses are the technical device that enables the user to have a VR experience. There are now an incredible number of different VR glasses from different manufacturers and brands, such as the Oculus Rift S or the HTC Vive. It is therefore becoming increasingly difficult to decide on the right one. To experience the full 360 degrees, our VR bundle includes 2 top virtual reality glasses products. The Oculus Quest 2 and the PIMAX Vision 8K X were both released in 2020 and are currently the best VR glasses on the market. Since these 2 models are high-end devices, they can of course also rent “smaller” and cheaper VR glasses from get-IT-easy if their customers are still relatively new to the world of virtual reality.


Just having found the right VR glasses is not enough to host the perfect VR event. Especially in times of Corona, it is problematic if different people have to take turns operating the same VR glasses. There is also a simple but suitable solution for this: our VR disposable masks. Due to the generous dimensions of the masks, they fit universally on every VR goggle in our range, and thus also completely cover the face area that comes into contact with the VR goggles, in order to guarantee maximum hygiene. In addition, you can also order disinfectant wipes from get-IT-easy. Of course, not every customer can use VR glasses permanently. In order not to leave the spectators without VR glasses out of your VR event, it is a good idea to stream the events that the VR player is experiencing to the outside, e.g. to a suitable television. In this way, the spectators can observe in real time what the player is seeing at the moment, and thus also participate in the action..

The get-it-easy VR-EVENT bundle – rent it and concentrate on YOUR VR-EVENT without worries.

With our hardware bundle specially optimised for VR events, you get high-quality devices that can be used universally. If you wish, one of our trained employees from our team will also be available to help you set up the equipment at the event. We will be happy to configure the VR glasses for events for you in advance. Any games as well as other software or private applications can be installed on any number of VR glasses. For more information on support and equipment at VR events, simply contact us by phone or email. We will glaldy advise you!

Are you a B2B customer?

However, hardware is often only needed for business and office. Did you know, that you can rent B2B Hardware here ? Business customers and companies enjoy special advantages with get-IT-easy. Convince yourself now of our wide range of hardware for B2B businesses.


If the prefabricated bundle does not meet your requirements, or you would like to have a look at our complete range of rental equipment first, you can do so below. In terms of equipment, accessories and configuration, we offer you a wide range that can be configured completely individually on request. Just give us a call or send us an enquiry with your specific requirements.

You can use the hardware for VR events at any location. Whether a trade fair or celebration, we deliver the equipment ready for use to the place of use or to your desired location in advance. With a VR experience, you can inspire your customers and present your product or even your property in a way that they can experience. But entertainment applications and games also create a lasting impression in the otherwise hectic world of trade fairs and events. If desired, we can take care of the configuration and app installation for you. vor.

Everything you need to use virtual reality hardware at events and functions for your business can be easily rented from us. On request, we can provide you with trained staff who have much experience in handling VR events. We work with these colleagues on a regular basis. This way, we can help you leave a lasting impression on your customers.

We look forward to your enquiry. Our aim is to maintain a maximum response time of 90 minutes during business hours.