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Rent VR glasses - the latest models for your event

Rent your perfect virtual reality glasses now. No matter for what purpose, at get-IT-easy you will always find the right model. From affordable entry-level VR goggles to a high-end virtual reality experience. Easy and quick at get-IT-easy.

Rent VR glasses now and immerse yourself in the virtual worlds

Wide range with best technology

Rent VR glasses and experience. We have most different models from the brands:We have most different models from the brands: Perfect for VR events, trade shows, promotions, 3D product description and all events of any kind. You can rent high-end VR glasses here, like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive Pro incl. Controller. With this professional virtual reality glasses, you need a powerful computer. But we also offer mobile smartphone VR glasses, such as the Samsung Gear VR or the Zeiss VR One Plus for rent. Such a virtual reality headset is especially suitable for mobile use and offers many more possibilities. The VR headset's display is a smartphone that is inserted into the front of the goggles. You can use any mobile device from Apple, or for example a Samsung Galaxy model. With each generation of phones, the performance of the Samsung Gear VR glasses also increases. If you want a standalone total package, the all-in-one VR glasses are an option. These are wireless and do not require a computer or smartphone, as everything is already integrated into the headset. Our bestseller here is the Quest 2. Rent VR goggles now. We offer you everything on the subject of virtual reality.

Highest immersion thanks to modern touch controllers

If you rent VR goggles, the corresponding touch controllers are included in the offer. A touch controller is also on the market for certain mobile glasses, such as the Oculus Quest and the new Quest 2. Thanks to their extremely realistic and precise capture of the user's movements, they enable an incredibly good projection into virtual reality. We don't rent the Playstation VR goggles, but you can also enjoy game and video with other VR headsets. The resolution of our rentable VR glasses is up to 8K pixels, so that any content is displayed in detailed graphics. The display of the VR glasses is thus extremely high-resolution, so that you and your customers get a fantastic gaming experience. The mobile Oculus models Go and Quest can be chosen with 32 GB or 64 GB of storage, so there is enough space for games and videos, etc.The mobile Oculus models Go and Quest can be chosen with 32 GB or 64 GB of storage, so there is enough space for games and videos, etc. Rent VR glasses now and make your event a success.

Versatile areas of application

You can use 360 degree videos and applications in any headset. The stationary PC VR glasses are especially suitable for demanding games and elaborate VR productions. To these we recommend a powerful Windows computer with sufficient memory for rent. For example, maximum graphics and performance can be achieved during gaming. Simply rent VR goggles and connect the VR headset to the PC via USB cable. Of course, there are also offers for lower requirements. The Oculus Go, for example, is a perfect entry-level model. Due to its low price and portability, the Oculus Go VR goggles with LCD display are ideally suited to introduce customers to the topic of virtual reality. The app installation required in each case is a gladly used service for our customers. We configure and record the rented virtual reality glasses with your software and produced content on request. This way you can rent VR glasses flawlessly. This is very advantageous especially if you rent a large number of VR glasses. So you can start using the virtual world right away at your trade show or event. In the run-up we offer you competent advice and in the settlement top service, if you rent VR glasses. Do not hesitate and request now one or more non-binding offers free of charge and receive a quote with prior availability check within two hours during opening hours.

Suitable accessories and alternative products

We are also happy to offer you a wide range of useful VR accessories products for all purposes. For example, one of the most popular products are VR disposable masks. They provide the necessary hygiene if a VR goggle is worn by several customers. If you would like to produce your own content to be played on virtual reality goggles, you can also rent a 360° camera from us in addition to the VR goggles. In general, we offer a wide range of VR accessories for HTC or Oculus VR. Very popular at trade shows is the additional rental of a TV set. The screen of the VR glasses is usually streamed onto this. This way, outsiders can also participate in the gaming experience of the person who is currently playing. Most VR goggles come with a built-in headset with headphones as part of the peripherals. If the VR glasses of your choice do not have an integrated headset, you can simply rent external headphones from us. If you're looking for a mixed reality experience, you can also easily request a Microsoft HoloLens or HoloLens 2 from us for rent.

Express shipping

Would you like to rent or lease VR glasses now? Use our service and make your rental request with us now to get a rental price. Add VR glasses from our wide range to your request now, and enjoy individual consultation. For more details and information about the devices, prices, contract or about our service call us at +49 9323 938 71 00 or send us an email. Wir gestalten den Mietzeitraum so flexibel wie möglich für Sie. Wir vermieten alle unsere Geräte ab einer Mindestmietdauer von 1 Tag. This means from 1 day after the order your rental items can already be with you. You can rent all our equipment as well as accessories also for 1 month, 3 months etc. or up to several months. We deliver the equipment by overnight express and pick up the reusable boxes from your site at the end of the rental period. Wir vereinbaren mit Ihnen im Voraus einen Abholtermin, um sicherzustellen, dass die Geräte zur Abholung bereitstehen.
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