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Laptop accessories rent

Do you need accessories to go with your laptops? At get-IT-easy there is a large selection of suitable products for every notebook. When you rent laptop accessories to your equipment, you get the maximum benefit of the equipment. This way you can expand your MacBook or notebook according to your ideas.

Configuration of the laptops

If you need your notebooks already pre-configured, we can take care of that for you. This means that if you already need a setup on the laptops, we will do the work for you. A few examples would be:
  • WLAN setup
  • App store logins or other accounts
  • Reset any device
  • Forms and leader registration
  • Installation of software and programs.

Suitable accessories for laptops

If you need WLAN, we have several types of routers available. So we have both stationary routers, and mobile routers. If you need the laptops in the office, you may often need the appropriate adapters to connect a laptop to a monitor, keyboard or similar. If you want to rent laptop accessories and use the laptops mobile/on the go at any time, then a powerbank, charging cart or more charging stations can be especially helpful. Of course, you can also book the basics, such as headphones, anti-theft devices and smartwatches.


If you are not sure which accessories are best suited to your rental equipment, please feel free to ask us by phone or in writing via email. If you have any other concerns or unanswered questions, we will of course be happy to help. Based on our many years of experience in hardware rental, we can help you achieve your perfect setup.