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Rent server

Why rent servers? If you want to move your servers and do not want to buy additional servers, which you need only for a short time, it is possible to rent the servers. Even for tests for an indefinite period of time or for presentation purposes, the purchase is not profitable for many companies due to the high acquisition costs. Likewise, many companies do not host the servers they use on their own premises and thus have no way to replicate test scenarios. In these cases, you can quickly and easily rent the right servers from us. Renting a server allows you to stay online at all times and use your computer to its fullest extent. Book the capacities of each server exactly according to your requirements. This allows you to complete your projects the way you want. By renting servers you remain flexible, as you can choose any configuration you need. To complete your network, in addition to servers, we also offer routers, as well as a variety of laptops. Our servers are shipped by pallet because the servers are too large to pack in our reusable boxes. Just let us know what configurations you need and we will send you a suitable quote. We will be happy to advise you at any time.