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Rent charging station

With us you can rent high quality and high performance charging station for your hardware. In our offer there is the Leba Note Cart Flex for up to 24 devices at the same time, which are also stored theft-proof. As an alternative, you can also rent flight cases, this loading station is also equipped with rollers, which simplifies handling. Up to ten devices can be charged here simultaneously. while being protected from water and dust. But smaller USB charging stations are also available, such as powerbanks. With a power of 10,000 mAh, you can easily charge your device on the go, as the accessory is very lightweight and fits in any pocket. For example, an average cell phone battery can be fully recharged up to three times. With a multi-loader, you charge quickly and save space, especially with many devices. Since the charging hub is simply plugged into a power outlet and distributes the current according to the number and required power of the connected devices, each battery is reliably charged. The charging station is adapted in each case to the input power of the rented devices, so that the maximum number of ports can be occupied. Generally, any tablet, smartphone and also other devices can be connected to the charging stations. We find the right charging station for every need.