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Samsung Galaxy foldable rent

It's easy and flexible to rent a foldable from Samsung. What is a foldable Foldable phones are a combination of old folding phones and the latest technology. They are as foldable and collapsible smartphones. These include the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Flip models. Would you rather rent a classic Samsung Galaxy? How about a Galaxy S, S Plus or S Ultra with a lot of power or a Galaxy A as a mid-range device?

Fold VS Flip

Even though both foldable models belong to Samsung's Z series, they have significant differences. The Flip smartphones can be folded horizontally, just like the flip phones back then. The Fold smartphones have almost 8 inches and can be folded vertically, i.e. opened and closed like a book. It is also ideal with a pen.

Compose as required

When you rent one or more Z Foldables from us, you can first select the number of units and your desired rental period, which starts at one day. You can also select the memory size you require. This starts at 128GB SSD and ends at 512GB SSD. If you would like to have wifi and internet access, you can rent SIM cards and routers. We also offer other accessories to match each mobile phone, such as holders, cases and more on our website.

Service from get-IT-easy

Of course, we also offer the option of configuring each device before you rent it, which means we install apps and software for you before you receive the goods.
Do you want to rent a Z Flip or Z Fold, i.e. a Foldable? We are happy to help and advise you with all your questions. Just send us an e-mail or give us a call.