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Samsung Galaxy S rent

With us you can rent different models and sizes of Samsung Galaxy S smartphones. We offer all generations, starting with the Galaxy S5 up to the latest devices. Samsung's Galaxy S series offers high-end smartphones and are among the best-selling phones every year. Since there is a Galaxy S variant for every budget, it is easy to find a model for every budget. In addition, each generation brings improved features. For example, each device has a better camera with more MP and better resolution than the predecessor, as well as a newer and improved operating system In addition to the Samsung Galaxy S, we offer sim cards with 4G/ LTE, tailored exactly to your needs. As an alternative to Galaxy S devices, you can also rent other high-performance devices such as the Galaxy S Plus, Galaxy S Ultra and Galaxy Foldable, Galaxy Note.

High-quality devices with powerful components

If you rent a Galaxy S, you will have a high-quality smartphone from the Samsung brand at your disposal. Many models, such as the Samsung Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S21, have an extremely high-quality design. Due to the great quality, many users prefer Samsung items over Apple's iPhone. Each device has at least 32 GB or 64 GB of hard drive space. This memory can be expanded at will, so you have enough space for your data and can work indefinitely. If you are more interested in a small device, the S6 or S7 are very suitable. The largest smartphones are the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy S21 Ultra, both in the Plus variant. Or you can choose the devices like the Samsung Galaxy S21 or the S10 with 6.11-inch diagonal display. You are guaranteed not to go wrong with the new top-of-the-range cell phone model. Rent a Galaxy S now.

Work with the latest software at all times

All Galaxy S models from Samsung are sent by us with the latest Android update at any time. Our employees check whether each device is running properly and is equipped with the latest software version. Subsequently, each product is shipped fully charged. This can ensure that your data is as safe as possible on the device. By renting a Galaxy S from get-IT-easy, you not only rent the smartphone, you also get our service and support. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Wide range of Galaxy S smartphones including accessories

In our portfolio you will find a variety of Samsung Galaxy S models. From the Galaxy S5 to the new Galaxy S10, we offer all generations. Starting with the Galaxy S6, all phones are capable of simulating a virtual reality experience with the help of Samsung's Gear VR. The Galaxy S9 is excellently suited as an entry-level model to familiarize oneself with the Samsung world. All smartphones like the Galaxy S7 or newer models belong to the upper class. If you prefer to rent a mid-range smartphone, you are welcome to rent a Galaxy A. With the S devices you can run complex applications and are perfectly equipped for every event or in the office. In general, all models are available in large quantities. So you can equip your entire department, or an entire project with our equipment. We also offer original accessories to match our Galaxy S range. If you rent a Galaxy S and want to be mobile with the smartphone anytime and anywhere, we recommend that you rent the accompanying SIM cards, and that in D network quality. Furthermore, you can also rent various smartphone accessories.

Service and delivery

We also deliver the products at short notice in environmentally friendly reusable boxes and so you have your rental equipment one day after dispatch. In addition, the devices are available from us in large quantities and are shipped by overnight express. This means that you will always receive the goods in time for your delivery date. If you are interested, or if you would like to rent the Galaxy S, please feel free to contact us and make a non-binding request on our website. We are happy to assist you with our years of experience in hardware rental.