iPad for School – The Bundle

At get-IT-easy you can now rent exclusive bundles and save valuable time when looking for the right hardware. We have put together the perfect hardware bundle for you to rent for iPads at school. The products listed on the right are the favourites of our long-standing customers, and are perfect for iPad schools and iPad classes of all kinds and projects relating to iPads in schools.


Advantages of iPads in school

iPads offer a variety of benefits in educational institutions that go far beyond the traditional use of a computer or laptop. These advantages are:

iPads are handy and lightweight, so students can take them wherever they are needed. Students can access learning resources and exercises both in the classroom and at home. Students and teachers have the opportunity to learn and work remotely without being tied to a specific location.

iPads offer various features that can help students improve their understanding in a fun and playful way. The use of apps and interactive learning games can make the learning process more interesting and engaging. Educational institutions can use the various learning apps and interactive exercises available for iPads to review and deepen their knowledge. Teachers can also do tests and exercises directly on the iPads, saving time and paper.

Students have access to a wealth of information and knowledge via the Internet. You can access research resources, watch video lectures and read the latest news. Teachers can use an iPad to provide teaching materials such as presentations, videos and documents. This way, students can access the material anytime and anywhere for revision and further practice.

Each student learns in their own way. With an iPad, students can personalise their own learning style and pace using different apps and games. iPads offer a variety of possibilities for creative tasks, such as drawing, painting and writing.

iPads provide a more interactive and engaging learning environment for students. Students have access to various apps for learning and also to digital resources with which they can expand and deepen their knowledge.

iPads have a high user-friendliness and offer an intuitive platform for students and also teachers. The use of this technology enables students to become familiar with it more quickly and to work more productively.

With iPads, students can communicate and work together on projects, which can enhance their learning experience. Students and teachers can communicate, share ideas and give feedback via applications. Sharing iPads can facilitate collaboration on group projects. By using apps like Google Docs, students can work together on a document and give each other feedback.

The use of iPads in the classroom can facilitate organisation and efficiency. Teachers can create digital teaching materials and store them on the devices, resulting in more efficient preparation and delivery of lessons. Students can use their devices to store homework and notes, making it easier to organise tasks and learning objectives. With the help of iPads, teachers can adapt lessons to the individual needs of students and provide targeted feedback, which can lead to a more efficient and individualised learning atmosphere.

iPad or iPad mini

The iPad or iPad mini is particularly suitable for general tasks such as reading, writing and research work. These devices are easy to use, compact and can be used to access digital teaching materials, notes and assignments.

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro delivers the right performance for creative and graphics-intensive work. If students want to do graphic design, photo editing or other creative tasks, the iPad Pro in combination with the Apple Pencil are a good choice. The Pro models have powerful processors and excellent displays, which are necessary for working with graphics and other creative applications.

iPad or iPad Air

The iPad and iPad Air are well suited for accessing digital teaching materials, including textbooks, learning apps and online courses. These devices are mid-range and offer good performance for using school apps and accessing digital teaching materials.

The iPad and iPad Air also do a good job of taking notes and organising tasks and learning objectives.

Implementation of iPads in the classroom

Implementing iPads in the classroom requires careful planning and preparation. We can assist you with all the preliminary equipment and help you with our experience. If you have any questions or need any other information, please feel free to contact us.

Administration and organisation of iPads

Managing and organising iPad use in the classroom requires clear planning and structuring. Teachers need to ensure that students are clearly told how to use the equipment effectively and that the equipment is regularly maintained and updated. Clear rules for the use of devices in the classroom and at home should also be developed to ensure that they are used safely, with care and effectively.

Suitable iPad accessories for schools

The iPad, together with the right accessories, offers even better interactivity with the devices. We’ve gathered iPad accessories for schools, including iPad keyboards, Apple Pens, cases and stands to make using iPads in the classroom easier.

iPad software for educational institutions

Apps and software can support the right work and the greatest possible learning effect. Popular educational apps for iPads include StudySmarter, Kahoot, Goodnotes and Flashcards.
iPad Apps

Conclusion – Summary of the advantages of using iPads in schools

Overall, iPads for schools offer many advantages for students and teachers for modern teaching. They allow for a more interactive, flexible and exciting learning environment, teaching materials and exercises are easy to use and offer mobility. Moreover, with the right security features, they can be safely used for educational purposes for all students. We offer you a suitable offer in that you can rent a large number of iPads from us for a certain period of time. We are happy to take care of the complete set-up of the equipment so that you only need to provide the learning materials.

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