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Rent a MacBook at get-IT-easy

You need a MacBook for rent in a short time? With get-IT-easy this is possible without any problems. But what is so special about the MacBook? The MacBook not only looks good and has a classy design, but also has a range of features and advanced technology to offer. People who work with graphics or photography swear by the high screen resolutions and colours of Retina displays. Not to mention the performance. One disadvantage is the significantly higher cost compared to other laptops. This is exactly why you can rent MacBooks at get-IT-easy. The MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are available at a fixed price, which can be paid once or on a monthly basis. You benefit from uncomplicated processing, flexible rental, fast and environmentally friendly delivery and, of course, our service when you rent MacBooks from us.

Reasons to rent a MacBook from us

  • You want a lot of MacBooks without buying the devices?
  • You need Macbooks for your next event and only want to borrow them for a short time, like a week?
  • You care about the environment and want to save resources?
  • Whether Cologne, Berlin or Hamburg, we ship Europe-wide by express delivery.
  • You don't have the time or inclination to configure the devices with apps, software and other programmes?
These and many more reasons to rent a MacBook and benefit from our services. The noble laptop from Apple is a first-class device in many respects that you can rent at get-IT-easy.

The advantages of get-IT-easy

Enjoy the benefits in rental and exciting technology at get-IT-easy when you rent a MacBook! You determine the rental period, so you have flexible terms. You will receive further information by e-mail or if you call us.
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Purpose of a MacBook

Since the reasons for renting vary, there are many different uses for a MacBook. You can rent a Macbook for your next event, for example for a trade fair. The Macbook is an elegant companion and offers a classy design for a professional appearance on every occasion.

In addition to the pure presentation of pictures, videos or similar, the MacBook Pro can also be used for computationally intensive tasks. Therefore, you should have no problems with photo and video editing, multitasking and running graphics-intensive applications.

You can also rent Macbooks for your office and staff. Because the MacBook Pro can be flexibly configured to meet the needs of different types of users, it fits into any workplace and everyday tasks (such as writing emails, researching on the Internet, using Microsoft Office, etc.) can be done easily with the MacBook Pro. This means that remote work in a home office is also possible.

Likewise, you can always take video calls when you rent a MacBook thanks to the good camera.

Which MacBook suits me?

Of course, we have many notebooks of the Apple bestseller on our website for you, but each MacBook has its own advantages and disadvantages and can therefore also be better or worse suited for a use.

What are the differences between Apple MacBook Air and MacBook Pro?

Which MacBook is best suited for which requirements? Let's first explain the differences between the two MacBook models. Visually, there is hardly any difference between a MacBook Pro and a Macbook Air. Visually, there is hardly any difference between a MacBook Pro and a Macbook Air. The popular Apple MacBook Pro is known for its high performance, advanced technology and beautiful design. If you rent a MacBook Pro, you can also get one with a Touch Bar.

Today, the Macbook Pro can pretty much be compared to a high-end PC; the latest MacBook Pro, for example, has 2.3 GHz. The battery life is excellent. However, especially with the current technology, it is becoming increasingly difficult to say that the MacBook Pros are that much better than the cheaper models, the MacBook Airs. If you are not sure which laptop you need, we can help you decide and give you a no-obligation quote.

Matching accessories for a MacBook

Matching equipment can be a real upgrade to MacBooks. With an Apple MacBook, an option for the office is to rent a monitor as well. There are also suitable adapters for the connections. A MacBook with monitor, keyboard and mouse would be very helpful for optimal work. Likewise, on-ear headphones are especially handy when renting a laptop. Request a quote now, sign a contract and get a Macbook.

The scope of delivery when you rent the MacBook includes: Charging cable, power adapter and protective case/laptop bag.

Alternative products to rent a MacBook

However, if you don't want to rent a MacBook, we have many other products in our range. Of course, we have the latest products such as powerful office laptops, gaming laptops and laptop workstations with Windows. If you prefer to use an iPad rather than a laptop, the Apple iPad Pro is very suitable for you. We also offer many other Apple Mac products, including iMac, Mac mini and even the Apple iPhone.


When you rent a MacBook from get-IT-easy, you not only get professional hardware from Apple with a lot of performance, but also a high level of service, competent advice and MacBooks that are flexibly tailored to your needs. In addition, you can also determine the rental period yourself in our contract. No matter whether one day, one month or even many months Because with us you determine the rent and you concentrate on your projects! Prices are calculated individually according to the request. So you pay the money based on your basket, time and additional requests in the enquiry. Leasing with payment by instalments is also possible! We are your partner in hardware rental! For further terms of delivery and rental conditions, please visit our website.
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