Kensington Lock





Kensington Lock

  • 1.80 m length
  • lockable
  • Anti-theft device for notebooks and laptops

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Kensington Lock rent

With a Kensington Lock, you easily attach rented hardware to furnishings. Rent the Kensington Lock now and make full use of your devices despite physical security.

You only need to place the lock in the appropriate device. Afterwards, the lock can be locked so that you cannot remove it from the opening without damaging the device. The other side of the Kensington lock forms a wire cable (with rubber sheath) that can be looped around stands, furniture, or other fixed objects to prevent theft.

Key for secure and quick closure

The Kensington lock models used at get-it-easy are equipped with a key to ensure quick, easy and, above all, secure storage of the connected devices. For the models with combination lock, it would be possible for skilled thieves to find out the number combination in a relatively short time.

Kensington lock rent and secure laptops

The Kensington locks are the perfect addition to our table stands or suitable for securing if you rent a laptop. This allows you to leave the devices unattended even temporarily, without direct theft.

You can also rent the special iPad anti-theft device from our range.

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