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Rent Meta VR glasses for trade fairs & other events - Fast, easy and professional!

Rent virtual reality glasses from Meta at get-IT-easy that work - and are simply fascinating. Meta currently has three different series of VR glasses on offer. In general, all devices are very good in terms of usability and experience, with each model series having its own advantages and features.

Model overview of the Quest series

The Quest series currently includes the Meta Quest, its successor Meta Quest 2, the powerful Meta Quest 3 with improved graphics and audio technology and the high-priced Meta Quest Pro for professional mixed reality applications.
  • Meta Quest: The original model of the Quest series.
  • Meta Quest 2: Successor to the original Quest with more power and higher resolution at an affordable price.
  • Meta Quest 3: The latest version with the powerful Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 processor, 4K+ display and 3D audio for significantly improved graphics and audio quality compared to Quest 2.
  • Meta Quest Pro: The premium model with augmented reality functions, face and eye tracking and more RAM, but with older processor technology than Quest 3. Designed for companies and developers.
The Quests are among the best standalone VR goggles on the market and regularly achieve top ratings. They are the ideal choice for your business events and trade fairs. With its wireless design and advanced integrated sensors, it offers an immersive experience that is easy to set up and use. The touch controllers allow users to interact seamlessly with the virtual world, which is particularly beneficial for interactive presentations or workshops. In addition, the high resolution and refresh rate ensure a smooth and realistic experience that will impress your participants.

Meta Rift

The Meta Rift and Rift S are the ideal headset for VR-capable PCs and can be easily connected to a high-performance computer with the cable. The glasses are known for their excellent full HD display, good immersion and comfortable fit. The advantage over stand-alone glasses is that the selection of games is not limited and games can be played more smoothly.

Meta Go

The Meta Go is also a stand-alone VR headset and therefore does not require a PC. The Go series is considered the ideal model for entering the world of VR and is easy to use. The Go model is the "little brother" of the Meta Quest, so to speak, and is technically less advanced in some respects, but the Go is still a worthy representative of the mid-range performance class, which is particularly suitable for simple purposes.  

Your benefits:

  • Rental possible from 1 day: You can arrange your rental period flexibly according to your wishes.
  • Ready for immediate use with the latest technology for your events: this will make your presentation to customers or partners a complete success.
  • Personal advice: Do you have any questions before, during or after receiving your VR glasses? Call us during business hours, we will be happy to help you!
  • High number of units ready for immediate use: Whether it's small meetings or large events, our high availability of units means you can hire the number of VR glasses you need at any time. This guarantees that your event runs smoothly and without delays.
  • Complete business package: Our devices are always supplied with the latest updates and accessories such as protective equipment and cables. Do you still need a pre-installed app? No problem, just contact us.

Meta VR glasses for corporate customers made easy - offer for many purposes

When you hire virtual reality glasses from Meta, you have a wide range of possible uses thanks to their versatility. In addition to gaming, VR glasses can also be used in any sector of the working world. Whether in everyday working life, to illustrate models, in a virtual meeting or at events such as a trade fair: VR glasses can be used in a variety of ways. By renting your Meta now, you can make every job more fun, easier and more productive - and impress your customers or employees with the latest technology!  

Rent Meta - the popular VR glasses Quest, Rift and Go

As part of a rebranding, the name of the VR glasses was changed to Meta. When you rent devices from Meta, formerly Oculus, you get first-class VR standalone and PC VR glasses at a good price. Of course, we also have other brands and models of VR glasses in our rental range on the website.  

Service and delivery

If necessary, we already install apps and software on all devices before the rental. Do you want to rent a Meta device? Make your rental inquiry with us now to receive a rental price. Do you have questions about the devices, costs or the rental contract? Call us on +49 9323 938 71 00 or simply send us an e-mail. We deliver the appliances by Overnight Express and in environmentally friendly reusable boxes. The rental period starts at one day, but you can also rent the devices for a month or several months.