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Oculus rent - the popular VR glasses Oculus Quest, Rift and Go

Rent Virtual Reality from Oculus now at get-IT-easy. They are simply fascinating and work. When you rent equipment from Oculus or Meta, you get first-class VR standalones and PC VR glasses at a good price. Of course, we also have other brands and models of VR glasses in our rental offer on the website.

Large selection of different models

Oculus currently has 3 different series of VR goggles on offer. In general, all of Oculus' devices are a pleasure to use and experience, but still, each model lineup has merits and features. Of course we take care of the setup of the glasses

Oculus Quest - the most popular models

The Quest series currently includes the Oculus Quest 1 and its successor Quest 2. Both are very good glasses and offer a complete solution for all needs. Quests are among the best standalone VR glasses on the market and have top ratings. The main advantage of the Quest is that you don't need any cables or anything else, because you can just turn on the VR Glasses, pick up controllers and start gaming. If required, it is of course also possible to connect the All-In-One glasses to the gaming PC.

Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift and Rift S are the ideal headset for VR capable PCS and can be easily connected to a high performance computer with the cable. The glasses are known for their very good Full HD display, their good immersion and a pleasant wearing comfort. The advantage over stand-alone glasses is that the selection of games is not limited and games are a bit smoother to play.

Oculus Go

The Oculus Go is also a stand-alone VR headset and thus does not require a PC. The Go series is the ideal model to enter the VR world and is easy to use. The model like a little brother of the Oculus Quest and technically less developed in some factors, yet an all-around mid-range goggle that is best suited especially for simple purposes.

Versatile and usable for many purposes

When you rent a headset from Oculus, you get many uses due to the versatility of its usability. VR goggles can be used in any work industry besides gaming. Whether in everyday work, to illustrate models, in a virtual meeting or at events such as a trade fair, you can use the VR glasses. Rent an Oculus now and make every job more fun, easier, more productive and convince your customers of the latest technology.

Service and delivery

If necessary, we already install apps and software on all devices before the rental. Want to rent a device from Oculus now? Make your rental request with us now to get a rental price If you have any questions about the equipment, costs and contract or more, call us at +49 9323 938 71 00 or just send us an email. We deliver the equipment by overnight express and in environmentally safe reusable boxes. The rental period works from 1 day also 1 month or several months etc. are no problem
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