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Rent Microsoft Hololens - Mixed Reality Glasses

The Hololens is incredible and also unusual mixed reality headset and can be used to increase efficiency for any business. Rent a model of the Microsoft Hololens now and see for yourself the advanced technology of the future. We have the Hololens 1 and Hololens 2 on offer for rent. You can find more and also more common virtual reality headsets at VR Glasses Rentals.

How does a Hololens work?

The glasses developed by Microsoft are a wireless and thus standalone all-in-one device. It is a holographic product with enterprise-ready applications. The goal is to improve the accuracy and performance of its users. Features such as hand and eye tracking, voice commands, room detection and large field of view allow you to work with the device uniquely and precisely. You can work without limits and without being tied to one place and that with a holographic working field.


Want to rent a model of the Microsoft Hololens now? With us, high quantities are not a problem at all. Our goal is also to respond to all customer requests individually and to fulfill them. Do you have any further questions? Just give us a call or feel free to email us at