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PC VR rent

You want to rent PC VR glasses and need as many pre-configured glasses as possible? With us you get exactly that. High end headsets that run with a gaming PC. Would you rather have a different kind of VR? On our site, you can find a wide range of different VR glasses type including standalone VR glasses and smartphone VR glasses.

What are PC VR glasses and what are they used for?

PV VR glasses need the resources of a PC to run. That is, to make the headset ready for use, she is connected with a cable to a high-performance computer. This means that the graphical performance of the gaming PC is used and demanding applications are displayed much more smoothly. Likewise, the selection of games and applications for VR is much higher. So you need a PC VR headset when you need the glasses for demanding work.

Delivery and advice

If you want to rent a PC VR, but you are not sure which model you need, we will be happy to help you. If required, we can also pre-install all applications for you. Our rental starts at one day and is very flexible to fit your needs.