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Rent devices with Windows

We offer many devices with Windows as operating system. Our software and the devices are always delivered without branding. You can rent all types of computers and remain flexible for external events without data protection problems. We will advise you and also help you to select the individually suitable equipment for rent.

Operating system suitable for all platforms

The latest Windows version is available on almost all platforms. If you need different devices such as laptops or tablets, the Windows operating system is a great help. The Windows service gives you quick access to your data on any compatible device. In addition, most customers have worked with Windows before, so the general handling and basics are familiar and any of your employees can start working immediately. If you prefer to work with Linux, you can of course work with a virtual machine and thus use the desired OS. In general, we have laptops, computers and tablets like the Surface with Windows. All these devices have the Windows 10 Professional version. You can rent devices with Windows so that you are optimally equipped in your office or home office.

Rent Windows and benefit from many useful functions

When you rent products with Windows, you have a wide range of functions at your disposal. For example, you can always customise Windows in the way that is most comfortable for you. Accessibility in the operating system is a big issue. For example, you can have content displayed enlarged or read aloud. Thanks to Device Manager or File Explorer, you can access your well-saved data at any time and connect additional devices or accessories. Cortara, your own voice assistant, also helps you to structure your work better. With the help of this feature, you can plan and coordinate your appointments, open a desired software, or search for content on the Internet. If you wish, you can receive an additional Microsoft Office licence with your device to enable you to work with various Office programmes. The new techniques automatically bring a bunch of advantages and the performance is consistently at a high level. Accessories such as mobile routers can also be rented to complete your setup.

Wide range of devices available with Windows

get-IT-easy offers you a wide range of devices with Windows operating system. Choose the right product from our portfolio depending on your requirements For complex tasks, you can rent desktop PCs or notebooks with Intel Core i7 processors. You can rent some devices with Windows which have a lot of memory to use a powerful setup with enough GB RAM. The HP ZBook or the Surface Pro 7 of 2019 are perfect devices to get your projects done with a good performance. To ensure that you can access your data and programmes at high speed at all times, all devices have SSD memory and sufficient storage space. We also offer matching screens and input devices for the Windows devices. After the end of the rental period, all items are cleaned by our team in accordance with the Data Protection Act (DsGvo). This way, the security of your data can be guaranteed and you do not have to worry about data protection. Rent devices with Windows now.

Service and delivery

Would you like to rent a device with Windows? If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email or call us at +49 9323 93 87 10 0. Do not hesitate and request your free, non-binding offer now. All items are sent by overnight express shipping. This way, we ensure that you receive all products on time and can start with your projects immediately. Because the environment is important to us, all equipment is shipped in environmentally friendly reusable boxes and secured with locks. We place a lot of emphasis on fast processing. Your reliable IT and hardware rental company.
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